Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"What did you do?" I asked, glaring intently.
"Nothing, really. Not yet. Not yet." Vanessa took a spoon from the drawer and quickly rewashed it, checking her reflection in it. She spun it around in her hands, her chipped black nail polish glinting.
"If you don't tell me-!" I warned, but she flashed me a piercing blue-eyed look that told me she was about to.
"I met someone named Sidney," she said, "to name something actually interesting that happened today." She sighed and I raised my eyebrows. "He's in... one of my classes." Vanessa had a record TERRIBLE memory, a reason as to why her grades were so low. "He's nice, cute, and sarcastically funny, in love with someone he can't have, and worried about the way he looks..." she trailed off. I raised my eyebrows a second time. She often got this much out of a person by just a glance. "He's fucking stupid, though, like me. I don't know about him. He seems like someone I could really... trust." I rolled my eyes like I do when she gets too weird for me. Sometimes I think she forgets what she's talking about, and then just comes up with words that don't even fit into what she's saying. But other times I think she knows her shit better that anyone. "I met someone else as well... a Colin... something." She stopped, squinting at her undying knack of forgetting.
"That's cool..?" I urged her on.
"He's cute. I'd fuck him." she said bluntly, taking out a spliff and promptly blazing up. She stared blankly into the distance.
"That's it?" she didn't respond. She didn't even smoke. She just stared out the window. I always used to think she was looking at something, but now I knew better. She blinked a few times, like she was trying to remember where she was. Then, without looking at me, she put down her spliff and walked right out the door, grabbing her jacket silently as she went. Taking her untouched spliff off of the counter, I put it between my lips and took a drag. I sighed.


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