Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Vampire Diaries- All is Fair with Love and Blood Chapter 8 Part 2

I blew out the candles one by one in my room, taking my time so I didn't have to arrive when Stefan had told me to. I know I shouldn't- Stefan trusted me to be his "chaperone"- but I was a little angry at him at the moment.
I mean, he hadn't exactly been lying to me, but he sure as hell wasn't telling me the truth. And tonight- well tonight I'd just have to get it out of him. I wanted to know, needed to know, what had attacked and nearly killed Vicki Donavan. Stefan knew.
I pulled on a black sweater and headed for the door at human speed. It was quiet; Veronica had already gone out somewhere.
As soon as my hand felt the door knob, a light tap came from the other side of the wood. I blanched with what little color my skin shown. There was no window on the door, no peep hole. I took a deep, self-attempted breath to try and calm myself down. It didn't work well. I kept thinking... what if it was-?
Before I could think the name, I ripped the door open, fully expecting to see the face I've been longing to see, forgiving, resentful, and full of repent. I hoped to see the light in his shockingly bright eyes, his strong, perfect frame leaning dolefully against the dark doorframe. But there was nothing. No one.
Nothing but the prints from a crow on the dirt path.

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